Printable Hospital Bag Packing List for Labor & Delivery

Giving birth to a child is a challenging task. Therefore we need to prepare it correctly. The process of giving birth to babies requires a lot of equipment. Thus, to not miss the items that have to be taken to the hospital, it is essential to attach the sticker to the bag’s surface.

Printable Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor & Delivery is a common thing every prospective mother has. There is a list that allows you to buy goods before delivery. You can buy it a few months before delivery time so that you need to take it to the hospital at a later date.

List of baby items:

  • Diaper
  • Bag
  • Baby clothes
  • Mini blanket
  • Baby hat
  • Baby pacifier
  • Towel
  • Garbage bag
  • baby outfits
  • wet wipes
  • car seat
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby bath
  • Baby powder
  • Hairbrush
  • Baby oil,
  • Baby lotion

Mother only:

  • Clothes
  • Nursing bras
  • Snack
  • Vitamin
  • Special breastfeeding milk
  • Pumping
  • Breast diapers


  • Insurance card
  • ID Card
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Foods
  • Drinks

Why we should have

You should bring many things to the hospital while the baby’s birth comes unexpectedly outside of the plan. Some are too soon before the estimated date of birth, and everything happens beyond our control. As the time for childbirth gets closer, you and your family must prepare for the birth quickly. Lists help you to guide the items that should be purchased and what should not be purchased. Make it easy for you to prepare for everything when the time of birth is approaching.

Make it easy for the medical team.

Many possibilities could happen; for example, if you give birth to a baby by surgery, there are food recipes that you have to eat. A printable hospital bag packing list makes it easy for nurses to record the best menu for your recovery so that your family can easily buy groceries after you get home. Likewise, with your baby, so easy if the doctor recommends milk products or additional nutrition if needed.

Helps communicate

After you gave birth, it means you need to sleep more, rest for a long time better than before. You can’t do anything by yourself; you need your family or your husband to taking care of you. Printable hospital bag packing can be a second note for you and your family who need information about your needs. The doctor can write down on paper, and your family could read them all to help you prepare everything you need. For example, you have to eat foods, a vitamin that you have to buy, or fruit that you shouldn’t have to eat.

Every mother must have a printable hospital bag packing to make it easier for all your pre and postpartum needs. Everything will be easier for you and your family, who help it so that the labor and healing process after giving birth becomes more practical. So you should download some printable hospital bag packing a few weeks before going to the hospital and start writing your requirements.


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Benefits of Ceiling Fan with remote

Remote can be something that makes it easier for humans to operate electronic devices. Even now the ceiling fan is equipped with a remote to make it easier for you to adjust the speed and start the engine. Is that the only advantage?

Not all ceiling fans have a remote control, but this innovation is very applicable to ceiling fans that have unique specifications. For example, there are decorative lights; it will be difficult if you want to turn on the ceiling fan lights; you have to touch up. But you may agree that inventors of remote ceiling fans serve other purposes that you may not be aware of. You should know how good it is that you have a small ceiling fan to operate at home.

Comfort for people with disabilities

Ceiling fans are hazardous if you touch them directly. Especially for people who were born with hidden disabilities, it is beneficial to operate the ceiling fan correctly. Technological innovation also makes the remote more comfortable to use, integrates with AI devices so that blind people can handle the tool independently.

You have to talk to the remote, and it will do what you want. Point the remote and press the button according to the command, then the propeller will rotate according to the desired speed.

If you want to slow down your propeller speed, use the remote to control it. Or if you’re going to turn off, you only need one tap. You don’t have to move your body; all orders are carried out practically. Near or far distance, the remote has its capacity. But it would be more comfortable if you do not need to climb a chair to turn on the ceiling fan.


You become more flexible about homework. For example, if you want to sweep the floor or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, there is no need to climb stairs or chairs to turn off the fan.

With the remote control, the room will not be washed away so you can quickly clean the room. Likewise, when mopping the floor, so that the tiles dry quickly, it would be better if the ceiling fan turns on when you press the button.

Tips on hanging fan & remote control

You don’t need to replace the old hanging fan with a new one just because of the remote control feature. Your ceiling fan can still run, and you know a technician to complete the elements, no problem setting a budget.

You should complete an estimated cost of spare parts and a warranty card if you buy a new hanging fan. Not all products guarantee good quality as long as the product has a warranty for a long time, the better the outcome.

A remote that is easy to find on the market will come in very handy. The things that will happen in the coming days will probably cause remote damage incidents. You can choose a hanging fan that is popular in your area today, as it is very likely that an electronics store will sell new remote parts and equipment.


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Best Wireless Power Bank Buyer’s Guide

Today a lot of smartphones have wireless charging support. It means the device can be charged without any cables. To make it easier for users when traveling, some best power bank brands have come with Qi wireless technology for supported devices. What is Qi wireless charging?

Qi is the wireless charging standard and the only one currently adopted by most major smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Qi isn’t the only wireless charging method available, but the first to be endorsed by two of the most prominent smartphone makers: Samsung and Apple.


Aukey is one of the world’s leading power bank brands. Aukey’s products can be found easily in e-commerce. As mentioned on the company’s official website, Aukey combines the latest technology with more than a decade of hardware expertise to design and build stable and reliable consumer electronics and mobile technology accessories.

One of our most recommended Aukey wireless power bank products is the Aukey PB-Y32 Wireless Charging Power Bank 10,000mAh with PD & QC. This wireless power bank can charge devices that support Qi wireless charging with the Qi Wireless Charger up to 10W.

The Aukey PB-Y32 also supports Power Delivery 3.0 to fast charge iPhone 11 / X / 8 / 8Plus devices and USB Type-C-enabled devices up to 50% within 30 minutes. Devices that support Quick Charge technology can also be recharged quickly using the Aukey PB-Y32, which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 up to 80% in 35 minutes.


As a leading smartphone brand globally, Samsung offers users a complete range of mobile accessories, including power banks. 10000mAh Powerbank Fast Charge with Wireless Charger is one of Samsung’s wireless power banks that are officially available in Asia, Europe, and the US.

The Samsung Powerbank 10000mAh Fast Charge with Wireless Charger offers fast-charging up to 25W. Meanwhile, the wireless charging speed reaches 7.5W, which supports many devices outside of the Galaxy.


Anker’s products include wireless charging, car charging, and portable and wall chargers. Anker pioneered Power Delivery technology to charge phones, tablets, and laptops at unprecedented speeds.

After a long wait, Anker finally released a wireless power bank called the Anker PowerCore 10000mah Wireless Power Bank. With PowerCore technology, place your iPhone, Samsung, or another Qi-certified device in the centre of the pad for wireless charging up to 5W.


Mophie is one of the world’s leading power bank brands and has long experience in its field. The mophie power bank is known for its high quality because it is made with new features and technology. They always pay attention to customer needs with every product they release, making mophie power banks chosen by people worldwide.

For a wireless power bank, we recommend the mophiePowerstation Wireless XL Portable Battery. This power bank is here to charge Qi-enabled iPhones or AirPods. Just place your Apple device on a charging surface to set wirelessly with only one button press.


Indeed many of us are familiar with this battery brand. Yes, Energizer is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of any batteries. One of our recommended Energizer wireless power bank products is the Energizer QE10005CQ.

The Energizer QE10005CQ is a wireless power bank with 10000 mAh capable of charging up to 7.5W for iPhone and up to 10W for Android. This power bank includes 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A output.


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10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Nepal

There are many things that tourists have to prepare when visiting a destination. The differences between climate and culture would make you note down ‘the to-do list’ and avoid while on vacation in that country. Nepal is the closest country to reach the top of the Himalayas. Nepal has recently become tourists’ target for holidays in a different style, immersing themselves with the local people and enjoying majestic mountain views. Here are ten things to note before a vacation to Nepal, don’t miss it! If you want to type in nepali, check tool on english to nepali typing.

1.Bring toilet paper

Cleanliness is the main thing, most public facilities in Nepal do not provide toilet paper in their toilets, so to maintain cleanliness, you should prepare toilet paper when packing.

2. Research the Trekking

When planning a vacation to Nepal, Mount Everest may be at the top of the list, which is not surprising because Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain. The most popular times to go trekking in Nepal are February to May and September to October when the weather is fine, and there are pleasant temperatures. You have to prepare it, the roads around Mount Everest are not all good, you have to follow the directions according to the rules of officers or other climbers. Not only Mount Everest, but some places in Nepal are also not as beautiful as you might think. Some destinations have to go through rocky roads or areas that are quiet. So plan this vacation well by paying a trusted tour guide.

3. Internet

Don’t expect to enjoy fast internet in Nepal because this is the second country with the world’s slowest internet. Many WiFi networks don’t work very well for internet access, so be prepared for this internet problem.

4. Use a Taxi

You can rent a motorbike/ bus/ tuk-tuk in Nepal, but taking a taxi in Nepal is the fastest and most comfortable option. Taxis are everywhere, you can haggle over the rates, and they are relatively cheap. You only need to pay 150 to 300 Rupees on the route from KTM Airport to the city center. If you want to go out of town for quite a distance, you can make a price agreement with the driver.

5. Dress Code

When visiting temples, it is essential to dress modestly and cover-up. Women have to keep most of the areas covered from the shoulders, chest to below the knees, while men must wear long pants and not shorts. Keep a long scarf in your bag when traveling in Nepal if you might stop by a temple.

6. Is Nepal Expensive?

Nepal is a very cheap country. The food, hotel, and taxi fare, etc., all of it comes at a relatively affordable price.

7. Money and Credit Cards

Make sure to exchange your money for Nepalese Rupees before leaving your hometown, and just like preparations abroad in general, changing money is very important. Nepal still relies heavily on bill paper, and credit card machines are hard to find. Almost every restaurant, cafe, gift shop, and transportation only accept Rupees.

8. Tipping in Nepal

Usually, tipping is not required in Nepal. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels have added a 10% service fee to the bill you will receive. The only exceptions are the tour guides and trekking tour guides; you can give around 15 to 20% of the total tour cost because those who guide are in charge of driving you back on your way home.

9. Wear Layered

Nepal’s weather is sometimes unpredictable. During winter, try to wear layers of clothing because the temperature can drop drastically sometimes.

10. Make a Visa

To get a permit to Nepal is very easy and straightforward. When you arrive at the KTM airport, several counters will enter your personal information, take a piece of printed paper, and go to the counter to receive your visa. There is a fee of 25USD per 15 days.


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